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Share Development & Embrace Dreams--- Joinmax Manager Report Meeting in 2014

Create User:admin Create Date:2015-1-20 14:53:42

      Time flies fast. We had hardwork and success in the last year. Learning more about the past, we can dobetter in the future.

      In 2014, all Joinmax colleaguesshare success happiness. Meanwhile, we also face some difficulties. Under thestrong support of our holders, managers and all colleagues, we overcome all kindsof difficulties in 2014. Company held manager report meeting on January 16,2015.

      Thismeeting is held by Xie, Siai, manager of Admi & HR Dept and divided intotwo agenda. First, manager of each department gave their report. Second,general manager made a summary.

      Thisyear, each manager’s report had a big difference and innovation comparing lastyear. They did not just list numbers and work in detail. More importantly, theyshared management experience and growth feelings. Everyone’s topic was very exciting.Li Feng, Purchasing Dept. Director, compared the relation between buyer andsupplier to marriage relationship. That’s much easy to understand. QianChanjun, manager of Engineer & Technology Dept, gave his reportwhose themewas Scientific Work in a mold tone and humorous language. It’ssurprising andwith personal style. Deputy General Manager, He Haibin’s topicwhich was Lookfor Bright Spot brought full positive energy and encouragement. AdministrativeDirector, Huang Jing’s topic included Opportunity & Troubleand I LovePost-90s. They are wonderful.

       Inthe next, Chen Jiansheng, General Manager made a summary for this meeting. Hepointed out that 2014 was a key year. Our results were encouraging. Our teammade us moved. Our improvement and growth worth affirmation. However, gettingout of difficulties doesn’t mean that we can succeed. We still need courage tofight, develop larger market and realize our dream.

      At the same time, Jason made adescription for work idea in 2015. Façade lighting system is still our mainbusiness. We’ll launch indoor intelligent lighting system and energyconsumption monitoring management system comprehensively. We still need dreamsand make them true in 2015.

      Finally, this report meetingwas end in a happy atmosphere. Through this meeting, we are more confident tomeet new challenges, realize new transcendence and embrace common dreams.


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