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Joinmax HAPPY TAEKWONDO Won Outstanding Award in Industry Group Competition

Create User:admin Create Date:2014-12-11 16:20:48

Tocelebrate 90 anniversary of Sun Yat-sen University, strength enterprise cultureand communications among companies and labor unions, Group Aerobics IndustryCup Competition was held successfully in south campus of SYSU on November 28,2014.

Joinmaxchose HAPPY TAEKWONDO to participate this competition. General Manager led morethan twenty colleagues to play our performance. The team was very strong. Menplayers are handsome and muscular. Women players performed wonderfully too. Marvelousperformance won great cheers, applause, judges and audience’s good comments.Finally, Joinmax met everyone’s expectation. HAPPY TAEKWONDO program won theIndustrial Cup Outstanding Award.

Joinmax won’t getsuch remarkable results without leaders’ high attention, strong support, andplayers’ practice for more than one month. This performance brought a strongvisual feast for everybody, offered a gift for SYSU and trained our team’swillpower. We’ll continue to make our business bigger and stronger, share wisdomlight with everyone. (Editor: Business Dept. Lin Xiaoke)

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1.Training  in the hall


2.In court rehearsal

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